Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey


Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960




1917 November 19


Daniel Metraux


World War, 1914-1918




My dear Anna-Marie,

Yesterday I wrote that I would write you fully to-day. But no one can tell just what happens the next day in the Army—and well—we’re going away to the trenches in one hour and will not be back for 48 hours. So we are terribly busy getting things ready and I am again prevented from writing you the letter I would like to write.

However, I do want to thank you most sincerely for all the nice good things you sent me! We had quite a party in my tent last week—and the wurst, cheese, etc. were greatly appreciated by all. It certainly was a big treat. Say, and that sweater—it certainly is a beauty! And fits just as if I had it tried on! Its fine and warm, too. The best thing about it is that it is just like a regulation army sweater, and I can wear it anywheres. You see, other sweaters are not allowed to be worn in sight.

The crackers from the were also greatly enjoyed by me as well as my tentmates. Please thank Paul & Rhoda for me and give them a good kiss from their uncle.

Outside of our going to the trenches for 8 hours, this, I guess, is to get us used to such surroundings, there is nothing new to report. There is no money around anywheres, the paymaster with our October pay has not shown up yet! But I guess he will be here when we come back.

I have been running a small canteen again for the company, but now a Regiment canteen is going to be opened, and we will have to close ours again. Also have a new proposition on hand which will net the first sergeant and myself about $35.00 each. This is for our own pockets.

Well, we are nearly ready to go, so I must close.

With lots of love, and a kiss,

Your brother,

Hope your cold is gone by this time. That watch from father is certainly a dandy and the felt protectors and wristlets from you are also fine! I certainly had a fine birthday!

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Bubendey, Anna-Marie Kappelmann, 1887-1986





Kappelmann, Otto Carl Wilhelm, 1888-1960, “Otto CW Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey,” 1917 November 19, WWP18903, Otto Kappelmann Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.