Alfalfa Club Annual Dinner Program


Alfalfa Club Annual Dinner Program


Alfalfa Club




1937 January 16


The program from the 24th Annual Alfalfa Club Dinner, including a menu and a list of members and officers.


Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, Staunton, Virginia




South American Melon with Lime

Mock Turtle Amontillado English Style

Celery Hearts

Ripe and Green Olives

Salted Almonds

Supreme of Boston Lemon Sole with Lobster and
Mushrooms Sauce

Vin Blanc

Hothouse Cucumbers Mariniere

Filet Mignon Midinette

Green Asparagus Favorite

Potatoes Parisienne

Heart of Lettuce with Alligator Pear and Cream Cheese

French Dressing

Savarin of Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Strawberries


Fancy Cakes




Bis dat qui cito dat

Pat Harrison

Edward J. Walsh
1st Vice-President

Gene Buck
2nd Vice-President

Charle Porterfield Light

William Payne Meredith

George H. O’Connor
Water Boy

Board of Managers
Clarence A. Aspinwall
J. Harry Covington
J. Harry Cunningham
Cary T. Grayson
Pat Harrison
Joseph H. Himes
Charles P. Light
Thomas P. Little Page
William J. McNally
Edgar C. Snyder
Corcoran Thom
Edward J. Walsh

Committee on Entertainment
Thomas W. Brahany, Chairman

Gene Buck
Charles D. Drayton
Frederick East
J. Fred Essary
C. Carroll Clover
Frank J. Hogan
William J. McNally
William P. Meredith
Daniel J. O'Brien
George H. O'Connor
John Saul
Harry P. Somerville
Edward J. Walsh
Lloyd B. Wilson

Acheson, Dean
Aldrich, Richard S.
Aspinwall, Clarence A.
Bacharach, haac
Bacon, Robert L.
Baker, Charles H.
Baker, Gibbs L.
Begg, James T.
Berryman, Clifford K.
Bishop, George T.
Bland, Oscar E.
Blue, Rupert
Brahany, Thomas W.
Brooke, Frederick H.
Buck, E. Eugene
Buel, Walker S.
Bulkley, Barry
Bulow, William J.
Burton, H. Ralph
Byrd, Harry F.
Byrnes, James F.
Carroll, John H., Jr.
Carter, George H.
Chipman, G. Bowie
Chiswell, Wallace W.
Christian, George B., Jr.
Coffin, Philip 0.
Colliflower, James E.
Cone, Hutchinson L.
Connally, Tom
Covington, J. Harry
Crissinger, D. Richard
Crowley, Thomas R.
Cummings, Andrew J.
Cunningham, J. Harry
Davis, John W.
Davis, Robert C.
Delano, Frederic A.
Drayton, Charles D.
Dunlop, George T.
East, Frederick
Edgerton, Glen E.
Essary, J. Fred
Flannery, J. Spalding
Fleming, Robert V.
Fordyce, Samuel W., Jr.
Garner, John N.
Gatley, H. Prescott
Gibbs, Malcolm G.
Gillmore, William E.
Glover, C. Carroll
Grayson, Cary T.
Greene, Louis S.
Grosvenor, Gilbert
Ham, William F.
Harrison, Pat
Hayden, Jay G.
Heller, Joseph M.
Hibbs, William Beale
Hight, Frank S.
Himes, Joseph H.
Hogan, Frank J.
Huidekoper, Reginald S.
Hull, John A.
Hunter, Edmund P.
Hutcheson, Grote
Hynson; Richard W.
Ireland, Merritte W.
Johnson, Thomas L.
Jones, Jesse H.
Keedy, Edwin R.
LaGorce, John Oliver
Lejeune, John A.
Light, Charles P.
Littlepage, John M.
Littlepage, Thomas P.
Long, Charles Colfax
MacDonald, Thomas H.
MacNider, Hanford
Marrow, William C.
Martin, Charles H.
Martin, Warren F.
Mathews, Charles H., Jr.
McAdams, Thomas B.
McCain, Henry P.
McConihe, Malcolm S.
McKnew, Thomas W.
MeN ally, William J.
McNary, Charles L.
Meredith, William Payne
Meyer, Eugene
Middleton, Maury
Minor, Benjamin S.
Moore, J. Hampton
Morgan, C. Carroll
Moses, George H.
Munroe, Ch•arles E.
Northrop, Claudian B.
Members Deceased
O'Brian, John Lord
O'Brien, Daniel J.
O'Connor, George H.
Page, Frank C.
Peelle, Stanton C.
Pershing, John J.
Pittman, Key
Prince, Sydney R.
Reynolds, James B.
Richardson, James 0.
Roberts, Bertrand H.
Robinson, Joe T.
Rodenberg, William A.
Rouzer, Horace D.
Rut, Harry L., Jr.
Sanders, Everett
Saul, John
Sherley, Swagar
Slemp, C. Bascom
Smith, William Wolff
Snell, Bertrand H.
Snyder, Edgar C.
Snyder, Homer P.
Somerville, Harry P.
Southgate, Hugh M.
Spencer, Henry B.
Sperry, Marcy L.
Stanley, A. Owsley
Stanley, Camp
Stanley, David S.
Staton, Adolphus
Stayton, William H.
Sutherland, Howard
Thorn, Corcoran
Thomas, Francis D.
Thompson, Huston
Tumulty, Joseph P.
Wadsworth, Eliot
Waggaman, Floyd P.
Walsh, Edward J.
Walsh, Edward K.
Warren, Ch aries
Watson, James E.
White, George
White, Wallace H.
Wilcox, Walter D.
Williamson, Sydney B.
Wilson, Lloyd B.
Winslow, Samuel E.
Wood, Waddy Butle·r
Woolley, Robert W.
Wright, James Lloyd

Members Deceased
William Mitchell
Albert Cabell Ritchie
Philip St. Julien Wilson



Alfalfa Club, “Alfalfa Club Annual Dinner Program,” 1937 January 16, WWP16853, Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.