Presidential Visit to Belgium: Memorandum to Edward D. Shoor


Presidential Visit to Belgium: Memorandum to Edward D. Shoor


AC Smith




1919 June 17


Al and Sonia Rubenstein


Sgt. Shoor

Chrg. of President's Cars
A.P.M. Garage

The following arrangements have been made for the use of automobiles during the President's visit to Belgium:

Tuesday, June 17:

Four open and two closed cars - American - go to La Panne under Captain Smith.

Wednesday, June 18:

The six above named cars, with one car belonging to the Legation and four Belgian cars, will form a convoy for trip along the front. These cars return to Brussels immediately after the completion of trip, leaving Zeebrugge about 6:30 P.M.

Four cars of Presidential garage remain in Brussels - one assigned to Mr. Moran, one to be at the dispositionof Colonel Watson, and one at the disposition of the Legation. Sergeant Shoor in charge, will report to the Legation at 9 A.M. for any instructions.

Comply with this!
3 cars Long and not 4 PM

These four cars, with six Belgian cars, will report at the Place du Treves Luxembourg at 8:45 P.M. to meet the party upon itsarrival at the Gare du Luxembourg.

First at Legation

Thursday, June 19:

All Limousines possible

8:50 A.M., for trip to Charleroi, seven American and three Belgian cars will report in rear of palace.

2:25 P.M. same cars report in rear of palace for trip to Rue La Loi Parliament, immediately after which they will go to Malines and Louvain.

5:45, upon return to Brussels, trip to Hotel de Ville,and return.


No arrangements have yet been completed for the departure of the President. They will be made some time Thursday.

On Thursday a Secret Service car will run in addition to other cars asked for, making eight American cars in all.

Final arrangements for the President's arrival in Brussels tomorrow night will be in charge of Captain Rand, at the Legation. Sergeant Shaw will keep in touch with him.

Lists of assignments for the reception of the President on Wednesday night, and for trip for Thursday, are not yet complete, but will be prepared by Count d'Oultremont.

Captain, Infantry.

Sgt. Shoor,

Have 4 cars under you ready for trip to Charleroi 8.50 Thursday A.M.

Make arrangements so cars coming in from Zeebruge, can gas up for start by that time (8.50 Thursday) Be at garage or within call, when we get in, for necesssary aid; also Board one of chauffeurs.

AC Smith
Capt. Inf.1

926 to change tire
What cars for Thurs?
Limo or [All Limosuine if possible]
What time at 830
Legation to night
Be here at 4 PM (Legation

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Edward D. Shoor




AC Smith, “Presidential Visit to Belgium: Memorandum to Edward D. Shoor,” 1919 June 17, WWP14935, Edward D. Shoor Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.