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A Soldier's WWI Trunk






How Americans

Experienced the

Great War








The Course of the War 



American Troops Arrive


Participants in the War

Marie Eloise Hoyt to Woodrow Wilson

Jean-Jules Jusserand to Woodrow Wilson

The Chief Danger of Revolutions and Revolutionary Movements in Eastern Europe

John Joseph Pershing to Henry P. McCain 


Causes of the War

Benjamin Strong Jr. to Elihu Root

Kisling Letter Addressed to Wilson

President's Address to Congress

Wilson's Letter to Emperor Taisho





The Kaiser Was Gratified

Victory Boys

Call for African-American Soldiers

Criticism of the Espionage Bill


Doughboy Trunk

Otto Kappelmann to Anna-Marie Bubendey

Edward J. Kelly Dies in Action

Bill to Increase the Military 

Letter from John Bowe

Old Hickory Division

Clarence Rohlfing to John L. Ambuehl

Ruth L. Hubble to Earl S. Parish






Fourteen Points


Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

Letter to the President

French Union for Woman's Suffrage

Who Is Winning?



Treaty of Versailles











Edith Bolling Wilson Letter to Sallie White Bolling

Autograph Notebook of Delegates to the Paris Peace Conference

Nobel Peace Prize

Statement by McAdoo