Edith Bolling Wilson to Sallie White Bolling




First Lady describes departure for France.


Edith Bolling Wilson Collection, Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia


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United States Ship George Washington

11– 05 A. M

Dearest Mother of All the Family,

We are off & I am sending just this word of love as we steam past the Statue of Liberty.

How I wish you could all have been with us – & go with us.

You will read how the Dock was decorated with flags – hung over head like an arch & the troops “at attention” on either side – then all the girl Dock employees in uniform — and then the Navy boys– it was really thrilling – the Bands played and we came over a gang way spread with oriental carpet.

Our suite is lovely and so warm and comfortable Entering a dining room – then a sitting room with big closets & lots of places to put things – then a Bed room and big bath.

Every room is filled with beautiful roses and there are lots of pack's to open – Jessie & Frank came on board & stayed until we sailed - across the hall is a work room & study for Woodrow –

His cold seems a little better today & he joins in love to you each one.

We had a pretty comfortable night – but the car was awfully cold this A.M.

Please call all the others up & tell each one of our trip so far – They tell me I have to get this off – so I can't write each of them – We went up on the Bridge as we sailed and it was a beautiful sight. Every boat whistled goodby & our guns fired a salute – the Battery – “Liberty” & every space was packed with people.

I am writing in the study as Brooks & Susie are unpacking.

I have just written a message to send by Carrier Pigeon to Admiral Gleaves who made the arrangements for us on the Docks —

Tell G & H. their candy will be a treat – & I was sorry I did not get a chance to call them up to thank them –

Now please don't fail to go out every day – and I forgot to tell you I want you to go to the Theatre– ask Randolph to get the tickets for you & keep an account for me — which we'll return.

Lots and lots of love to B. R. love the others and your dear self.


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Wilson, Edith Bolling Galt, 1872-1961, “Edith Bolling Wilson to Sallie White Bolling,” 1918 December 4, WWP14927, Edith Bolling Wilson Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.