Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson




Ellen Axson Wilson writes to her husband, Woodrow Wilson, while he is away from home.


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Princeton, NJ


My own darling

Your dear letter written in Mr. McCormick's office came today; ah, how I wish that you could have got the third my later letters at the same time so that your anxiety might be promptly relieved! It hurts me so to think of you anxious and distressed on my account, especially since at the very time you were reading it things were already going much better with us. I cannot understand why the letters are so slow in reaching you. I sent four letters to Chicago, and three to St. Louis.

I have had another very cheerful letter from Stockton today; he said he was just ending the best 24 hours he had had since this thing began. I am really happy about him today.Madge sails for New York today and will reach here Friday or Saturday. — Had a letter from Sister Annie today too. She says the Fla. man who was telegraphing about her land was sent to the insane asylum the other day! Strange! is'nt it? Perhaps it is a case like Uncle Wills. She has also discovered that she has only one thousand acres.

Dr. Jones could not preach on May 17, neither could Dr Upham; it is his commencement Sunday. So I went this afternoon to consult with Mr. Hibben, and he recommended Dr. Stevenson of Schenectady;– knows him to be a good preacher. I have therefore just written inviting him in your name! Odd how often I have to settle this pulpit question; I shall be escorting them to the pulpit next! —We are all perfectly well & happy. I was charmed with your account of the pleasant day at Madison.

With love unspeakable.

Your own Eileen

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Wilson, Ellen Axson, “Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson,” 1903 April 29, WWP14999, Ellen Axson Wilson Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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