Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson




Ellen Axson Wilson writes to her husband, Woodrow Wilson.


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Philadelphia, PA


Friday afternoon

My own darling

Stockton will tell you in detail how we do, yet I will scribble a few lines to send by him. We have had a perfectly peaceful comfortable day. Jessie has complained of nothing except a little trouble in swallowing, which they tell me is inevitable. Her lips are so red and her cheeks so rosy that I would think her feverish if I did not know that her temperature has been normal from the first. She also had a remarkably good night “for an ether case”. Has also slept most of the time since twelve today,— while I have read and worked button-holes. I slept ten hours last night and am as well as possible. Wrote to Stockto Ed and Minnie last night and then went to bed at half past eight; am staying in the room with Jessie again.

Please open my letters & answer if necessary. Love and kisses to the darlings. I love you, dearest, beyond all words! With all my heart

Your little wife, Eileen

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Wilson, Ellen Axson, “Ellen Axson Wilson to Woodrow Wilson,” 1901 April 5, WWP14947, Ellen Axson Wilson Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.

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