Executive Order




Woodrow Wilson issues an executive order regulating prices for various foodstuffs and fuel.


Hoover-Wilson Correspondence, Hoover Institution, Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford, California


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum




I hereby authorize and direct the United States Food Administrator, in prescribing regulations for licensees under Section 5 of the Act of Congress approved August 10, 1917, entitled “An Act to provide further for the national security and defense by encouraging the production, conserving the supply, and controlling the distribution of food products and fuel,” and in enforcing and carrying into effect, so far as it relates to foods, feeds and their derivative products, that part of Section 5 which reads as follows:

"Whenever the President shall find that any storage charge, commission, profit, or practice, of any license is unjust, or unreasonable, or descriminatory and unfair, or wasteful, and shall oder such licensee, within a reasonable time fixed in the order, to discontinue the same unless such order, which shall recite the facts found, is revoked or suspended, such licensss shall within the time prescribed in the order, discontinue such unjust, unreasonable, discriminatory and unfair storage charge, commission, profit, or practice. The President may in lieu of any such unjust, unreasonable, discriminatory, and unfair storage charge, commission, profit, or practice, and in any proceeding brought in any court such order of the President shall be prima facie evidence;"

to find that a just, reasonable and fair profit is the normal average profit which persons engaged in the same business and place obtained prior to July 1, 1914, under free competitive conditions; to indicate, if he shall see fit to do so, what margin over cost will return such a just, reasonable and fair profit; and to take such legal steps as are authorized by said Act to prohibit the taking of any greater profit.

The White House,
November 27, 1917.


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Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924, “Executive Order,” 1917 November 27, WWP19274, Hoover Institute at Stanford University Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.