Herbert H. Brown to Wilson G. McAdoo




Herbert H. Brown congratulates William G. McAdoo on his move to California.


Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Papers, University of California, Santa Barbara


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum





My dear Friend:

     I have just written the wife who is still in Washington to congratulate her on our thirty seventh wedding anniversary on the 5th and I am now writing you old man to congratulate you on the move you are making in going to Los Angeles to live.
     I have read what the papers had to say in-re to the move, but I hope it will eventually mean that you land just where you belong, and that my vote will help put you there.
     Soon after seeing you in New York last October I accepted the above firms offer of $6.000.00, to represent them here as their manager-we are correspondents of A.A. Housman & Co to whom I had your letter. I was anxious to locate with them up there or in Washington, where my family are, but that was impossible and I accepted this offer, which brought me back home where I saw the light of day 65 years ago. Many, many changes in the last twelve years down this way, very few of my old friends left. I went in to congratulate Capt. Jim English on his 84th birthday, on my arrival here October 24th, I told him he had me beat 20 years in age, but I had him skinned six years in citizenship, as he had only lived here 59 years.
     Here is health, wealth and happiness to you in your new home. I was there when a boy in 69 and 70, sailing from New York on the old steamer Fulton, Captain Horner, taking 24 days to make the trip, crossing the Isthmus on that snail of a train and having time to jump from the train, gather a few bananas, and then catch it again. With every good wish to you and yours, I am
Your devoted old friend 


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Brown, H. Runham (Herbert Runham), 1879-1949, “Herbert H. Brown to Wilson G. McAdoo,” 1922 March 2, WWP19594, Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Collection at the University of California-Santa Barbara, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.