Emmett J. Scott to Carl Byoir




Informing Byoir that the "colored newspapers" of the country are expressing gratitude for authorizing use of black nurses in the war effort.


National Archives and Records Administration 130/68/3/00 box #3 entry #5 "Negroes" folder


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library


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Mr. Carl Byoir,
Committee on Public Information,
16 Jackson Pl., N.W.,

Dear Mr. Byoir:

The colored newspapers of the country are coming back in great shape with expressions of gratitude for the action of the Government in authorizing the use of colored nurses. I am not venturing to bother you with the newspapers containing these publications but shall be glad to submit some of them to you and Mr. Creel if you desire.

I am also venturing here to bring to your attention a memorandum statement which has been sent to the two hundred and more colored newspapers for publication this week, all of which, in my opinion, will tend to further increase the splendid loyalty of this group of Americans.

For your continued co-operation and support I am most grateful to you. Is it possible to in some measure advise Mr. Creel as to the important work which is being carried on under the auspices of this office in the direction of sending out information among and to colored people?

Very truly yours,

Emmett J. Scott
Special Assistant,
War Department.





Scott, Emmett J. (Emmett Jay), 1873-1957, “Emmett J. Scott to Carl Byoir,” 1918 July 30, PI073018, Race and Segregation Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.