"Negro Artillery Band Throngs East Orange Hall, Clears $926"





African-American 350th Field Artillery Band raises $926 with performance


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Negro Artillery Band Throngs East Orange Hall, Clears $926

Before one of the largest audiences that ever gathered in the East Orange High School, the 350th Field Artillery Band of colored performers gave a concert last night of high merit and cleared for its band and regimental fund $926.63. The attendance was stated as over 1,300. At least 100 stood throughout the program. A feature of the occasion was the presentation of money donations from a number of church and other negro organizations of the Oranges.

Patriotism marked the affair, and Robert A. Travis, chairman of the managing committee, took occasion to introduce five colored lieutenants to show that members of the colored race are capable of taking command of troops. One of the group was Lieutenant John M. Burrell, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. William P. Burrell of East Orange, were active on the committees in charge.

Before going to the hall the musicians gave a short open-air concert near the Parkway, at which a collection helped to swell the total receipts of the day. A women's comfort committee provided a dinner in Calvary Baptist Church, and after the visitors spent the night in the armory in North Parkway they had breakfast at the same church before returning to Camp Dix this morning. A reception given by the Daughters of Menelik in English's hall followed the concert.

The band program was interspersed with contralto solos by Miss Marion Anderson, who, Mr. Travis announced, gave her assistance to the soldier musicians. In the intermission an East Orange Four-Minute Man gave an address.

The audience, which freely manifested its appreciation of the band's performance as well as its patriotic enthusiasm, was composed largely of colored people with a liberal sprinkling of whites. J. Tim Brynn, the conductor, was warmly received when Mr. Travis introduced him as "the genuine Tim Brynn, composer." Mr. Burrell, as secretary of the committee, announced the financial results. Mrs. G. Clayton Foster was treasurer, Mrs. J. W. Hud-____ was chairman of the comfort______ Mrs. Burrell secretary.

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Newark Evening News, “"Negro Artillery Band Throngs East Orange Hall, Clears $926",” 1918 May 2, TI00248c, Race and Segregation Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.