DF Houston to Hon. Tom D. McKeown




Secretary of Agriculture responds to a congressman's request about employing African American farm demonstrators in Oklahoma.


National Archives and Records Administration, no ID#


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library


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Hon. Tom D. McKeown,
House of Representatives.

Dear Mr. McKeown:

I have your letter of February 7 with reference to the employment of negro farm demonstrators in Oklahoma.

The Department is encouraging the appointment of negro agents in communities where there is a sufficient number of negroes and where the conditions are favorable to the inauguration of the work. We already have two such agents in Oklahoma, and there are over 100 in the fifteen Southern States. As you know, the agricultural extension work is conducted in cooperation with the State Agricultural Colleges and the initiative in recommending the appointment of extension agents usually is taken by the Directors of Extension Work who are the joint representatives of the Department and the College. In Oklahoma the Extension Director is Mr. James A. Wilson, whose headquarters are at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College, Stillwater, I am sure that he will be glad to give the matter careful attention and I have asked the Director of the States Relation Service to send him a copy of your letter for consideration.

Very truly yours,
D. F. Houston

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Houston, David Franklin, 1866-1940, “DF Houston to Hon. Tom D. McKeown,” 1918 February 26, A020818, Race and Segregation Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.