Mrs. BV Leach to Woodrow Wilson




African American citizens request the president enact a law to stop mob attacks.


National Archives and Records Administration 230/06/41 file # 158260 box #1276


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library




Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec. 26, 1917

To the President of the U. S. of A. from the Afro American citizens.

We feel that we are here in the U. S. of A. and think we ought to have the full extent of the law and that the president would execute a law to stop the mobbing of the negro in the U. S., we believe that every negro in the U. S. will get the benefit of the law. That every man's property in that county or town that their is a negro mobbed they should pay the county, state and parents or relatives will pay the damages of that man's life.

We the undersigned do ask that this law will be executed for the protection of the Afro American citizens. We trust in God you will make this one of the laws of the United States.

Yours in F. H. L.

Mrs. B. V. Leach
James Dillon
T. E. Hamilton
J. B. Rivers
J. B. Patterson
Arnold Vaughn
L. S. Scott
C. W. Warn___
[See original: several other names are signed at bottom of letter but are illegible]

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Leach, Mrs. B. V., “Mrs. BV Leach to Woodrow Wilson,” 1917 December 26, TI00244, Race and Segregation Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.