Joseph C. Sibley to Jonathon A. Wilson


Joseph C. Sibley to Jonathon A. Wilson


Sibley, Joseph Crocker, 1850-1926




1918 October 10


Praise for Colonel House.


Library of Congress, Woodrow Wilson Papers


Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum


World War, 1914-1918--United States
House, Edward Mandell, 1858-1938


Danna Faulds






Document scan was taken from Library of Congress microfilm reel of the Wilson Papers. WWPL volunteers transcribed the text.


Mr. Jno. A. Wilson,
Franklin, Pa.

Dear John:-

So many unfavorable references have appeared relative to Colonel House that I requested Mr. Hanna, who was acquainted with a very high minded gentleman at Fort Worth, Texas, to write him making inquiry concerning the real Colonel House. The reply received yesterday has all the flavor of the wide prairies of the “Lone Star State” and I thought you would enjoy reading it.

When a man’s neighbors who know him better than all others can speak as they do concerning Colonel House, I think the President is to be congratulated in having the advantage of his wise and friendly judgment.

It is really so good, especially the closing, that I do not know but what it ought to be sent to Colonel House because there will probably never be a more sincere tribute than is offered here. Unless you think Colonel House ought to have the letter, you may return it to me when you have laughed over it as much as I have. The humor of it grows with re-reading. The only objection that I see to letting Colonel House have it might be the seeming impertinence in having taken the liberty to make a personal inquiry concerning the character of a private individual, but the best answer to this would be that Colonel House, whatever his predilection may have been, can never again claim exemption on that ground; and I think we all have a right and owe a duty, before sitting in harsh judgment upon our fellowman, to at least be fair enough to listen to the evidence offered in defense.

Give my love to Ida and tell her to remember me to her grand good boys who will, true to the breed, be found equal to every trust imposed upon them.

Affectionately yours,

Joseph C. Sibley

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Wilson, John Adams




Sibley, Joseph Crocker, 1850-1926, “Joseph C. Sibley to Jonathon A. Wilson,” 1918 October 10, WWP25253, World War I Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.