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Letter from Adolph S. Ochs Jr. to his family, labeled #18.


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Ochs Collection Scrapbook


March 20th, ‘19 #18

Dearest Folks -

Today I received a batch of about twenty letters - mostly from you and “Aunts”. It is the first word I’ve had from home in nearly three weeks and I was hungry for some news of you.

One of your letters was dated November 9th - over four months old! I enclose (Save this for my scrap book.) the envelop to show you how mail chases one in the A.E.F.

While I think of it, please don’t forget to have my Chatta. Times changed to my new address. It has been reaching me pretty regularly, so far, and I don’t want to miss it. (“American School Detachment, A.P.O. 723,” will suffice.)

Glad to hear that Dad had a chat will Carl Cartinhour. Now please do me a favor. Invite him up to the house for dinner once or twice. I’m sure you’ll like him. He was my good friend here. I never knew him well in Chatta. but we were closely associated on the S&S & I grew very fond of him. He is an extremely clever young man and has one of the best business heads I’ve ever come in contact with. Please don’t forget to do this favor for me.

Also glad to have a word from [?] Norton. I was wondering what had become of him. Will drop him a line tonight. The paid draft for $200.00 also reached me. Allow me to thank you again, and assure you again that there will be no more of them. You have certainly been generous and patient & I’ll be double darned if I impose on you further - in that way. But I demand a great deal of love and affection. Tant mieux!

Lt. Stone, a Chatta. boy here at Clermont, showed me a clipping from the Times on “The Battle of Ancemont.” That wasn’t meant for publication, but I don’t mind - as no names were mentioned & I must say it was greatly improved by the w.k. “Editor” and - as edited - was rather amusing. -----I haven’t tried my hand at any newspaper stuff in so long I’m afraid I’ve lost the “knack” - but I’m sorter “itching” to be at it again.

But I hope Dad wont pull any wires at Washington for my discharge - before the regular time. Of course, I’m anxious to be home. I’m almost “plumb crazy” to see you again. But I infinitely prefer to wait my turn. It is only a question of three or four months now. and I’m spending that time most profitably.

I was both pleased and disappointed over Dad’s resignation from the National Guard. I took much pride in your Colonelcy - but suppose it required too much of your time. After all, your main interest - our main interest - is in the development of the Chatta Times. It is work a-plenty!

Sorry to hear that Bill Shepherd has been on another of his periodical “bats”. I like Bill a lot - and wish to Heaven he could straighted up. What has become of Quenten?

In one of mother’s letters to Dad I read
“Have greatly enjoyed Adolph’s letters & he seems so happy over his new assignment and I recall Margaret’s words to you in connection with Capt. Apger’and it has come home to us.” Who is Capt. Apger - and what does that mean??

Saturday next the mayor of Clermont is to give a reception for Les Estudiants Americans. Me & the mayor went to shcool together.

I very happy here - and waiting for the day when we’ll all be together again.


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Ochs, Adolph Shelby, Jr., “Scrapbook page 99,” 1919 March 20, T100572, Adolph S. Ochs Jr. Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.