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Letter from Adolph S. Ochs Jr. to his family.


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Paris, July 25.

Dearest Folks:

Today’s mail was just like a trip home, including long letters from Mother, Dad, Pat West, Catherine Wright, Carlin Shackleford, General Rockenback and others.

Dad’s letter was the one enclosing the “double truck” printed in the Times from the Stars and Stripes, and his plan to organize a company of newspapermen in the States to run the paper should the occasion arise. It would be wonderful to have you over here, but Waldo and Viskniskii are the Commander-in-Chief’s particular pets – and it would be difficult to replace them. They both have done wonderful work.

This week we are printing 152,000. We have been allowed to give out circulation figures and they now appear in the mast head. Watch us grow! Quarter of a million by Christmas, says Waldo and Waldo never misses. And tonight we have three hundred and twelve thousand good dough-boy francs in Paris banks, eating up war-time interest. Little A keeps an eye on the latter, you bet!

Capt. Mack, whom I wrote you about, and who knows all the Cincinnati connections, reported for duty with the Stars and Stripes this morning. He is a likable man, and has had quite an interesting career in the A.E.F., among his stunts being striking up a friendship with the King of England. He is to be a traveling inspector of Field Agents.

Mother I’ll surely answer your questions, and am quite certain the Base Censor won’t object to my telling you that I am neither fat nor unusually thin – just “midling” – but well as can be and lively as a cricket. 2. Still in love with Elizabetha. 3. Totin’ my job and recommend for promotion. 3. Know only one French family in a social way, and they have gone to their summer home in the Southern part of France. A little snap shot of one of ‘em is enclosed. This was taken at Bagatelle, just outside of Paris and the most beautiful spot in Europe. 4. Too busy to be lonesome. 5. Ayers and I are regular buddies; the only objection I have to him is that he eats too much. 6. Yes we get pleanty to eat, in spite of Ayers’ appetite. If there is any serious food shortage in France, the only evidence of it is in the sky-high prices. 7 Yessum, I love you – dearly, dearly.

All well. Things are lookin bright and snappy up front.


Ok Adolph S Ochs Jr
Adolph S. Ochs, Jr.,
2nd Lt. Cav. USR.

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Ochs, Adolph Shelby, Jr., “Scrapbook page 8,” 1918 July 25, T100479, Adolph S. Ochs Jr. Collection, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.