Franklin Knight Lane to Cary T. Grayson




Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, Staunton, Virginia




My dear Cary

I have said nothing in my letter of resignation as to my successor, but I cannot look upon the matter with indifference because I have developed a morale in the force and have instituted an attitude toward those parts of the country which it particularly touches that always will give me an interest in this Department. Congress will soon pass an oil and coal leasing bill for which regulations must be drafted and issued. And undoubtedly there will come from Congress a water power bill which is based on the bill which we drafted years ago. The Farms for Soldiers bill will yet become law, I am satisfied, because the American Legion is for it. And the Americanization bill is already before the Senate. With all of these Mr. Vogelsang, my First Assistant, is very familiar. His appointment would allow things to go on smoothly, and I doubt if anyone else could fit in so well with the intricate affairs of this most diversified of all the Government’s Departments. The officials all like him. His Democracy is beyond question. He is popular in California and has become known and liked in all the Western States. He has tact and is a gentleman.

Cordially yours,

Franklin K. Lane

Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, USN
1600 16th Street, W
Washington, DC

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Lane, Franklin Knight, 1864-1921, “Franklin Knight Lane to Cary T. Grayson,” 1920 January 20, WWP16159, Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.