Cary T. Grayson to Alice Gertrude Gordon Grayson




Cary T. Grayson discusses their engagement with Alice Gertrude Gordon.


Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, Staunton, Virginia




Dearest Gertrude

Thank you a thousand times with all my heart for the very wonderful letter which you sent me and made me so very happy when I read it this morning. I love you more and more every day, my precious sweetheart, I saw Mrs. Gibbons yesterday and she wanted to know if Friday, 28th of April would be agreeable to you for the dinner party they are giving us. I told her to settle on that date—and—if that I found it did not suit your convenience I would let her know next Saturday—from New York. Mrs. Gibbons is so fine about it. I asked her to invite Miss Helen Woodrow. Hoover is sending you by express a present from Mrs. Rodgers, whom, you know—was Alice Meyer—and one from Mrs. Rice—Mrs. Meyer wrote me from Aiken, South Carolina, she and Miss Julia are coming here soon and they want to give us a party of some kind—Charlie Rockwell’s mother is ill at the hospital. I have been over to enquire for her and also sent her some flowers. Have missed seeing Charlie, but we have talked over the telephone—He seems so glad about us. It is almost impossible for me to write because my telephone is w ringing nearly all the time. I have answered it five times since I began this note—Carmichael is in town and wants to see me to-night before he leaves for New York—Col. House, also, wants to see me before he departs. He will telephone you in the morning. Thanks to you, dear, I am making some improvements in my conversations about T— and the such. I feel that I am improving in many ways—which is due to valuable suggestions from you.

I don’t know just when the President and Miss Edith leave for New York, but I hope Friday afternoon. Will let you know as soon as it is decided and I hear it. I am very happy over the thought of seeing you this week end. I miss you terribly. But our day of great happiness is approaching but not fast enough for me. I am working on letters—but there seems no end to them and they are still coming—from afar.

With a heart full of love for my very, very precious darling sweetheart—Good-night—

Your own


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Grayson, Cary T. (Cary Travers), 1878-1938, “Cary T. Grayson to Alice Gertrude Gordon Grayson,” 1916 April 11, WWP20983, Cary T. Grayson Papers, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.