James Parker to Henry P. McCain


James Parker to Henry P. McCain


James Parker




1917 August 24


Library of Congress, Woodrow Wilson Papers, 1786-1957


Ft. Sam Houston, Texas 250 AM Aug. 24, 1917.

Number 5876.

Following report just received from Commanding Officer Battaltion twenty fourth infantry doing guard duty at Camplogan Houston, Texas quote Serious clash has occurred between approximately one hundred fifty 24th Infantry men and civilian population have utilized all troops to quiet riot have situation in hand at present 24th Infantry Camps quiet but approximately 150 men still out have 400 Illinois troops after them will keep you advised of situation from 9 to 12 casualities so far unquote nothing further known as to cause of trouble in name of Secretary War I have ordered Coast Artillery Companies from Galveston to proceed to Houston by interurban railroad as promptly as possible taking extra supply of ammunition Governor has declared Martial Law have placed General Hulen an excellent officer who saw service in the Phillipine insurrection in Command have also ordered Colonel Waltz with Battalion 19th Infantry proceed from Ft. Sam Houston to Houston as promptly as rail transportation can be provided.

Will send additional Companies of that regiment later if reports show such action necessary. Shall disarm battalion 24th infantry and return them to Columbus, NM.

414 AM


McCain, H. P. (Henry Pinckney), 1861-1941





James Parker, “James Parker to Henry P. McCain,” 1917 August 24, WWP21877, World War I Letters, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.