Margaret Axson to Ellen Axson Wilson





Margaret Axson writes to her cousin, Ellie, about the possibility of Jessie visiting her in Macon, GA, and briefly describes her new daughter and home life.


Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University




My dearest Cousin Ellie

I know that the letter I wrote you Sunday sounded as if I were losing my mind—but all that week, Nell had been so ill—and on that day I was trying to write, I had to “jump up” every second to wait on that young lady daughter of mine. I asked that you send me Jessie's address at once! Wasn't that stupid of me—I re-read your letter after I'd mailed mine to you, and you had it written as plainly as possible for me! I have just written to Jessieinsisting that she stop over in Macon with us for several days. Please let her Cousin Ellie. My family are so enthusiastic over her coming—or the possibility of it & my sister will write to her tonight. I want her to see Macon; it is such a beautiful place and so different from any other place in Georgia. Nell Axson—despite the fact she was so ill last week—is very lovely—and a decided addition to the Axson Clan. So she is well worth the trip here if nothing more!! I have been promising myself the pleasure of a letter to you all winter—but keeping that big house with only a “cook & a marse” is a huge under taking; and a letter to my dear Mother once a wk. was all that I could get to. I truly, wanted one of your girls the past winter but a young mother is so hopelessly tied down that I thought the girls would enjoy it more when I was free. Palmer & I live very simply—but the “financial” side of life has never distressed me in the remotest degree—and my home is always open to you and your girls whenever you may choose to come. It is a genuine pleasure for both Palmer & me—and I am so very sorry that I couldn't be in Sav. just at the time Jessie was to come. But Palmer is so pleased over the part he is to play in her coming that I dont think Jessie will havetime to miss me. He is such a genuine host that I know he will see that she sees all of Sav. that is worth seeing. Carrie Belle isn't visiting us at all but she will be over at the house the day that Jessie is there. If Jessie stops with me I think her visit will be more enjoyable than if she stayed the entire time in Sav.Macon people are so much more gracious & charming. “It takes a lifetime to know Sav. people”! but a very much less time to know Macon people. My health is very good indeed indeed & if happiness is a beautifier I ought to be radiantly beautiful! Remember me to Dr. Wilson and the girls.


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Axson, Margaret, “Margaret Axson to Ellen Axson Wilson,” 1910 April 29, WWP17454, Jessie Wilson Sayre Correspondence, Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library & Museum, Staunton, Virginia.