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Woodrow Wilson replieds to Richard Heath Dabney regarding Wilson’s nomination for President.

Photo of Wilson and Harding riding to the 1921 inauguration
The President's office at the US Capitol
The President's Room, North Wing
Photo showing the convention hall from the 1912 Republican Convention. Captioned: The "Steam Roller" Convention at Chicago, 1912. The Republican Convention which nominated William Howard Taft as its candidate for reelection to the Presidency and by…
Photo showing the convention hall from the 1912 Republican Convention.
Photo showing the 1912 Republican Convention, featuring Theodore Roosevelt and the Bull Moose Party.
A man and a woman with their three children, stand around the President's seal in the White House entrance hall. Those in the photograph are wearing clothing indicative of 1940s America.
Photograph of the Republican Convention of 1920, held in Chicago, Illinois. The Republican Party of the United States nominated Ohio Senator Warren G. Harding for President and Massachusetts Governor Calvin Coolidge for Vice President. The convention…
Black and white photograph of Mrs. Howard Taft's music room
Black and white photograph of the White House bed room used by Mrs. Taft
President Wilson, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front
Portrait of Woodrow Wilson while President of Princeton University
President Wilson, half-length seated portrait, painted by Sir William Orpen, photographed copy by Margo of Beverley Studio, Staunton, Virginia.
This photo was taken at the start of the League of Nations, which was Woodrow Wilson's final point in his Fourteen Points for Peace.
Woodrow Wilson, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left. Underneath the photograph it reads, "To his comrades, the officers, crew, and mariners of the USS. George Washington, with the warmest good wishes of Woodrow Wilson."
Portrait, three-quarter length, seated, President of Princeton
President Woodrow Wilson, three-quarter length portrait, facing front
President Wilson, full-length portrait, seated
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