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Woodrow Wilson tells Herbert Hoover that he will be glad to supply the necessary capital if the full amount is approved in the pending Sundry Civil Appropriation Bill.
Joseph Tumulty asks Herbert Hoover to furnish the Public Printer with an estimate of additional printing needs beyond what is done by the Government Printing Office to see if it is being done efficiently.
Woodrow Wilson supports Herbert Hoover’s decision to go abroad and consult with the Food Administrators of France, England, and Italy.
Woodrow Wilson tells Herbert Hoover that if Morris Sheppard is willing for his letter to be made public, he supports the idea of doing so.
Joseph Tumulty notifies Herbert Hoover of the President’s wishes to consult a District Commissioner regarding property value when purchasing real estate.
Joseph Tumulty notifies Herbert Hoover that the President has signed and sent the proclamation regarding additional food operators excepted from prior proclamations.
Joseph Tumulty asks Herbert Hoover to return the papers Wilson had sent him when seeking his comments.
Joseph Tumulty transmits an invitation to Herbert Hoover from the Lotos Club of New York City to speak at a dinner in December.
Woodrow Wilson asks William Gibbs McAdoo to consider the recommendation of Patterson, a black man, for the position of Register of the Treasury.
Woodrow Wilson tells William Jennings Bryan of the current vacancies for foreign service.
Woodrow Wilson asks Frank P. Walsh to serve as chairman of the Commission on Industrial Relations.
Woodrow Wilson addresses James Reed’s objections to Louis Post being appointed Assistant Secretary of the Department of Labor.
James Reed questions the appointment of Louis EF Post to the position of Assistant Secretary in the Department of Labor.
Woodrow Wilson asks Maurice Egan if he would like to be transferred to the Court at Vienna.
Woodrow Wilson thanks Charles A. Woods for his letter.
Grayson records his interactions with Woodrow Wilson 20 March 1920 through 22 June 1920 including his reaction to the vote by the Senate and his pleasure at Bainbridge Colby being in the position of Secretary of State.
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