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Woodrow Wilson addresses the misrepresentations of the Dumba incident mentioned in the newspapers, specifically that he did not ask for William Jennings Bryan’s resignation.

Woodrow Wilson asks Herbert Hoover to defer the Food Campaign one week in order to allow the Liberty Loan to finish and proved for better reception of both.

Woodrow Wilson thanks Richard Heath Dabney for notifying him about an article.

Woodrow Wilson thanks Edward W. Scudder for a supportive editorial in his paper.

Franklin K. Lane contacts Charles W. Eliot about possible discrimination in placing land notices in newspapers.

Carter Glass sends Woodrow Wilson a newspaper clipping from the New York Times that objects to the extent of government control.

Typewritten flyer about the Associated Press.

Hamilton County Herald, McDonald Special Newspaper spread celebrating the homecoming of Hortense McDonald.
The Shinyo Black Mail.

Newspaper clipping, "Maj Julius Adler Awarded the Italian War Cross."
Newspaper clipping, "DSC Award to Maj Adler."
Letter from Hortense McDonald re seeing Adolph S. Ochs Jr. in Paris and her experiences as a female war correspondent.
French newspaper clipping, with note from Adolph S. Ochs Jr.
Newspaper clipping from unknown source, "Layman in the Pulpit Makes Patriotic Address."
Letter requesting a map or portrait of the Kaiser.
Newspaper clipping from The Daily Times: Chattanooga, "Lieut Rodney Norton Reports as Convalescent."


A newspaper clipping of the marriage announcement of Thomas Jeff Koger and Gertrude Loretta Rorke. The clipping has been mounted on a card.
Alice Gertrude Gordon writes to President Woodrow Wilson’s secretary, Joseph P. Tumulty, posing as a newspaperwoman who wants to see Edith Bolling Wilson.


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