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Josephus Daniels proclaims that due to criticizm of the Navy by the Navy League, no members, officers, or other representatives of the Navy League will be admitted to any naval station, reservation, or ship in the Navy.

Austria-Hungarian fleet may sail to Corfu under a white flag.
Message from the new state of Yugoslavia.
Pratt writes that change to the cable changes the whole meaning.
Admiral Benson writes that the measures suggested by the Inter-Allied Naval Council should be followed to meet President Wilson's conditions.
Acting Secretary of the Navy argues that Germany should not have different terms from Austria.
Acting Secretary of the Navy asks for a meeting with President Wilson
Memo prepared by Frank Dilmont and others at the request of President Wilson.
Portrait of Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy in President Wilson's Cabinet
Portrait of an Unidentified Rear Admiral in his Navy uniform
Portrait of an Unidentified Rear Admiral in his Navy uniform
Secret service experts assigned to President Wilson in America and Europe on board the U.S.S George Washington; L to R: Mr. Joseph E. Murphy , chief of the White House Detail and Miles C. McCahil, chief of the White House
Picture of the Presidential Party on board a ship, dressed in Navy uniforms
Portrait of an unidentified U.S. Navy Admiral wearing a uniform
Josephus Daniels writes Cary T. Grayson to ask if the treaty will be signed around the eighth of May.


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