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Gladys Newman tells P. M. Kebort that the telegram about Dr. Waggoner’s surgery had been received.
PM Kebort asks Cary Grayson to visit Mr. Waggoner at the University Hospital in Philadelphia.
Thomas J. Pence expresses his gratitude to Dr. Cary T. Grayson for his care.
Cary T. Grayson tells Alice Gordon Grayson about his recent eye doctor appointment and expresses approval for the treatment their son received.
Dr. Grayson writes to his wife about travel plans and precautions against the flu.
Dr. Grayson writes to his wife about his travel on a steam engine with the President. Mrs. Grayson had not been feeling well, and Dr. Grayson recommended Alkalol over Listerine as it was not as irritating.
PM Kebort encloses a letter from Mrs. AP Baldwin to WT Waggoner about Dr. Lamb.
PM Kebort tells Gladys Newman that Dr. Waggoner had a successful, but painful, surgery.
Gadys Newman tells Clay Johnson that she notified Dr. Grayson about Dr. Waggoner’s surgery and expressed his regrets at not being there and his wish to remained informed.
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