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W. T. Waggoner informs Cary Grayson of his successful surgery and slow recovery and advises him on the purchase if a horse named Press On.
Cary Grayson tells his fiancee he has bought two thoroughbred colts.
Stephen Austin asks Cary Grayson for a copy of a pamphlet giving tribute to a thoroughbred horse.
Cary Grayson updates Alice Gordon Grayson on Love Tap’s record in the races at Saratoga and various other aspects of life there.
Cary Grayson tells Alice Gordon Grayson results of the horseraces at Saratoga.
Cary Grayson expresses regret for not being able to join his wife since he will not be back from Paris.
Cary Grayson writes to W. T. Waggoner about purchasing race horses.
Cary Grayson heard that Edwin Watson did not do well during the past racing season.
The article describes Cary Grayson’s racing and horse breeding business.
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