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A report on German gold due to be sold to the American government.
William G. McAdoo writes to Pierre Jay regarding the gold exchange.
Benjamin Strong Jr. tells William G. McAdoo that $3 million dollars has been sent on the Tennessee for the relief of American holders of Traveller’s Cheques and credits in England and Europe.
This is a record of the minutes for the General Committee about the use of the gold fund.
This report of a meeting for the Gold Fund describes the discussion members had regarding issuing traveller’s cheques versus letters of credit and the various details needing attention for traveller’s cheques.
Benjamin Strong Jr. writes to William G. McAdoo about sending a $5,000,000 fund to England and Europe to make payments against travelers’ credit issued by all American concerns.
Various members of the banking community met to discuss transporting gold to England end Europe for the relief of Americans there.
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