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League to Enforce Peace supports President Wilson in calling for the establishment of the League of Nations.
Secretary of State sends on a statement from Germany.
Important British messages handed over by Barclay.
Switzerland sends along a message from Solf.
Pope asks President Wilson to grant Austria the peace they request.
Secretary of State sends along message from the Catholic Church.
President Wilson works through the official response to Germany suing for peace.
Germans send a telegram about armistice through Switzerland.
Translation of messaged from the German High Command.

Translation of a message from the German government.
President Wilson wonders if it would be better to not send the enclosed letter from Baker.
Secretary of War tells President Wilson that he wants to send copies of cables with Colonel House to General Pershing.
Short quote from a cable enclosed with letter to President Wilson.
Passing along a message Cotton wrote for Hoover that it is important to consider trade in the armistice.
War Council agrees to terms of Austrian surrender and tells to House to tell President Wilson.
Military point of view on armistice with Germany.
Pratt writes that change to the cable changes the whole meaning.
Admiral Benson writes that the measures suggested by the Inter-Allied Naval Council should be followed to meet President Wilson's conditions.
Government of the people now in charge of Germany's peace negotiations.
Secretary of State sends President Wilson the response from Germany.
President Wilson gives Colonel House his points for an armistice with Germany.
List of points for the armistice negotiations with Germany.
General Bliss's views on what should be done with Germany.
Democratic party figure warns President Wilson that everyone thinks the Germans are trying to trick him.
Tells of telegram from Bulgaria suing for peace.
Tells of telegram from Bulgaria suing for peace.
President will mediate for Bulgaria if they give him broad authority.
Secretary of State sends along the telegrams concerning Bulgaria and their wish to leave the Central Powers.
Letter written from Elsie Ambuehl to John P. Ambuehl on the occasion of Armistice
Photo of a news clipping of plenipotentiaries working on terms of armistice, N.Y. Times Mid-week Pictorial
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