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Brand Whitlock writes to Cary Grayson about visting with Oxnard and his desire to secure an audience for him with the king, presumably of Belgium.
Grayson assures John D. Wise that his appointment to consular rank in the Department of State will go through.
T. Jaeckel has written to the Department of State about appointing John D. Wise to a post in France.
William G. McAdoo to Cary T. Grayson with suggestions for people to work in the Railroad Administration.
John D. Wise has been appointed Consul at Warsaw and thanks Grayson for his help in securing this appointment.
Norman H. Davis writes to Cary T. Grayson regarding the appointment of John D. Wise as Consul of Class Seven.
John D. Wise wishes to resume his post as Vice Consul anywhere in France.
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