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Picture of Red Cross nurses setting up and handing out supplies
Portrait of an Unidentified French Commandant in his uniform
President Wilson entering the Amerian Military Cenetery at Surenes, near Paris, France
President Wilson, Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, and Doughboys looking over the emplacement of one of the Big Berthas that fired upon Paris
Picture of French soldiers who gathered around the President's car until the President received word that it was all right to proceed after an explosion

Frank Cobb warns Colonel House about British efforts to retard the peace process.
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and Ferdinand Foch in a carriage.
President Wilson at railroad station, Chateau Thierry, Fenruary 8, 1919, being saluted by American and French soldiers.
President Wilson and Gen. Pershing reviewing troops in France.
Undated newspaper clipping about George E. Howard.
William G. McAdoo to Cary T. Grayson asking him to pass along information about a soldier he believes should be pardoned by Woodrow Wilson.
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