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Planning for accompanying President Wilson on the trip to France.
Washington Animal Rescue League requests that the research labs in town end their testing of poison gas on animals.
How the $50,000 appropriation will be spend on defense.
Supreme Court Justice advises President Wilson to pay no attention to the opposition.
Request that the US follow through on its pledges for food relief for Germany.
President Wilson's shorthand transcription of cable about when to go to France from Colonel House as translated by Ray Stannard Baker.
President Wilson thanks the cardinal for the letter about the dire situation in Europe.
Cardinal Gibbons passes on word from the pope that Germany faces starvation.
Informal discussions at a political dinner seem to indicate that the people support President Wilson in going to France.
Request for President Wilson's approval for the war program of the Camp Fire Girls.
Enclosed information on the political situation encourages the Secretary of War to suggest that Key Pittman go ahead with his support for the League of Nations.
Accounting of enemy property after the war needs to include patents.
Senator Pittman asks if he would be more valuable at home or in Paris.
Thinks President Wilson will find the enclosed German article on state control of industry interesting.
Oxford wants to give President Wilson a degree and asks if he will give the Romanes Lecture.
Meeting on economic reconstruction by US states.
New leader of Austria is a German Socialist and a great admirer of Woodrow Wilson.
George Creel thinks that President Wilson will be interested in information about the new leader of Austria.
Coded message about who should go to the Paris Peace Conference.

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Secretary of War passes along interesting military reports.
Interview given by Edward Bok to The Philadelphia Public Ledger.
Translation attached.
Secretary of State sends on a statement from Germany.
President Wilson writes to the Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency that they ought to help the United War Campaign by removing prohibitions on contributions from the national banks.
Support for national banks contributing to the United War Work Campaign.
Charities of the United War Work Campaign need to be able to get donations from national banks.
President Wilson replies to the proposal for peace.
An old friend of President Wilson asks for advice on what he should say on his trip to Europe.
President Wilson thanks Mrs. George Bass for her letter.
US Postmaster sends along angry discussion about the League to Enforce Peace.
Secretary of State sends along memo about Bolsheviks.
President Wilson asks the State Department to tell the mayor of Carlisle that he won't be able to visit.
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