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Picture of the Wilson Family, outside their home, when Woodrow Wilson was the Govenor of N.J.
Picture of Woodrow Wilson holding an unidentified baby in a christening gown
Portrait of Jessie Woodrow Wilson
Picture of two men in front of a large house; one on the stoop near the window, the other on the lawn near the steps leaning on a unicycle
Photo of Edith Bolling Galt Wilson.
Photo of the Wilson family (from left to right) Cothran, Annie Howe (Mrs. Perrin), Howe, Annie Wilson (Mrs. George), Wilson, Ellen Axson, McAdoo, Eleanor Randolf Wilson (Mrs. William Gibbs), Sayre, Jessie Woodrow Wilson (Mrs. Francis B.), Cothran,…
Photo of Edith Bolling Galt Wilson standing next to a portrait of her husband, President Woodrow Wilson.
Picture of guests assembling outside the Wilson Cottage before the opening ceremony.
Picture of the very Rev. Dr. Francis B. Sayre, Dean of Washington, at the door of the cottage with the Misses Mary and Susan Wilson. Also in the picture, Dean Sayre's son Tom.
Picture of the platform party at the opening ceremony at the Dergalt of The Wilson Homestead and Gray's Printing Shop. Speaking is the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Captain the Rt. Hon. Terence O'Niell, who presided at the ceremony.
Picture of the platform party at the opening ceremony. Dean Sayre holds aloft a picture of himself as a baby in the White House, which he presented to the Prime Minister for display in the Wilson Cottage.
Picture of the Prime Minister and Dean Sayre at the Wilson Homestead after the ceremony.
Picture of the front of Wilson's Homestead in Northern Ireland.
Picture of Jessie Wilson Sayre with her children.
Picture of the memorial plaque of Joseph R. Wilson, Pastor of a Church.
Portrait of Josephine Cothran as a baby.
Portrait of Virgina Howe as a baby.
Picture of Josephine Cothran, Virginian and Wilson Howe and Elizabeth Wilson, cousins of the president having a tea party.
Portrait of Mrs Annie Wilson Cothran, daughter of the President's Sister.
Portrait of Marion Willianson Woodrow, mother of Jessie Woodrow and grandmother of Woodrow Wilson.
Portrait of Flora Snyder.
Portait of Ida Snyder standing, resting her arm on a chair.
Portrait of Wilson Howe, son of Woodrow Wilson's sister.
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