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Important British messages handed over by Barclay.
Letter of goodwill from leading Romanians to President Wilson.
Secretary of State told the Russian ambassador that he would tell President Wilson about the massacre by Bolsheviks.
Germans are trying to spread revolution in Russia.
Secretary of State sends along the memo from his conference with Japan on the situation in Siberia.
Secretary of State sends along two radiograms to President Wilson.
Request for instructions about control of prices with Britain
US embassy in London reports on efforts at rebuilding.
Passing along a message Cotton wrote for Hoover that it is important to consider trade in the armistice.
Secret communication of the views in Europe on the possibility of continued German submarine actions.
British embassy passes on information they have from their ambassador to Switzerland.
Secretary of State shares his concerns about the political situation in Europe.
Report on the fighting at Archangel, including the death of sixty-five officers.
President Wilson forgot some of the details about the situation in Archangel.
Russian citizens suffering from reign of terror.
President Wilson should respond to reports of terrorism in Russia.
Appraisal of the military situation in Siberia.
Important message on neutral nations rushed to President Wilson.
President Wilson has a high opinion of Walter Lippmann but wants to keep control over propaganda.
Secretary of State tells President Wilson that they do not know much about what is going on with Captain Lippmann.
Some Americans in France claiming authority they do not have.
Secretary State shares some views from the Ambassador to France.
Secretary of State sends President Wilson a report about the Czechoslovaks in Siberia.
Photograph of Bainbridge Colby
Photo of a painting of Bainbridge Colby by Douglas Volk
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