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Section of a cablegram from Siberia that describes executions by Russian general.
Secretary of War sends President Wilson news of atrocities in Siberia.
Knight reports on developments at Lake Baikal and public sentiment toward Bolsheviks.
Knight reports on developments at Lake Baikal.
Report from Siberia on the Bolsheviks taking over Vladivostok.
Secret message relaying information about the German troops turning to the East.
Letter from the action in Siberia reporting what the Americans are experiencing.
Secretary of States seeks President Wilson's opinion about what to do about the Eastern Front.
Two officers of the Omsk government arrived in Archangel.
The Secretary of State tells President Wilson about his conversation with Masaryk.
Report on the fighting at Archangel, including the death of sixty-five officers.
Report on what the Americans have been doing in Russia.
President Wilson forgot some of the details about the situation in Archangel.
Russian citizens suffering from reign of terror.
President Wilson should respond to reports of terrorism in Russia.
America should treat the government of Archangel with respect.
President Wilson discusses George D. Herron.
Czechoslovakian returns to give a detailed report on the situation of the troops in Russia.
Letter accompanying report on developments in the Czechoslovakia situation in Russia.
President Wilson appreciates the approval of Masaryk for American moves in Eastern Europe.
President's personal note on what to say to Russia.
Letter of advice to President Wilson on the subject of Russia.

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Proposed statement to the press on Russia.


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