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British government agrees with President Wilson's fourteen points but want to propose changes.
Secretary of State sends along memo about Bolsheviks.
President Wilson decides to go with the original plan of landing at Brest.
President Wilson asks the State Department to tell the mayor of Carlisle that he won't be able to visit.
Secretary of State reports to President Wilson on his conversation with allied diplomats.
Secretary of State sends President Wilson the response from Germany.
Photo of Robert Lansing, seated, with his staff
Photo of Robert Lansing. Text reads, "Robert Lansin, Secretary of State. Photographed in his office on the day the Senate declared for war."
Photo of Robert Lansing
Photo of Robert Lansing
Photo of Robert Lansing
Photo of the American Commission to negotiate peace (featuring Col. E.M. House, Robert Lansing, President Wilson, General Tasker H. Bliss) at Hotel Crillon, Paris
Photo of premier Clemenceau presiding at a meeting of the peace delegates
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