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Picture of the Wilson Family, outside their home, when Woodrow Wilson was the Govenor of N.J.
Picture of Dr. James McCosh, president of Princeton University when Woodrow Wilson was a student
Print of the main campus at Princeton College, NJ
Photo of Woodrow Wilson and Ellen Axson Wilson.
Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Carnegie in an Academic Procession at Princeton.

Photograph of Dod Hall

Photograph of the Sun Dial Club building.

Photograph of the architects' model of the Freshman Dormitories in the northwest corner of Princeton University Campus.

Photograph of a baseball game.

Photograph of Princeton University students. Captioned, "AFTER THE SOPHOMORE-FRESHMAN BASEBALL GAME."

Photograph of the entrance of '79 Hall

Photograph of Blair Hall and Stafford Little Hall from across the Railroad
Photograph of steps leading up to President Wilson's office in '79 Hall.
Photograph of Princeton University Alumni from the Princeton Yearbook. Captioned, "THE SPIRIT OF THE "OLD GRADS"."
Photograph of Prospect Avenue, looking southwest. Captioned, "IVY CLUB TODAY."
Photograph of '79 Hall
Photograph of the Princeton University Gymnasium (1903)
Photograph of Edwards Hall
Photograph of Blair Hall
Photograph of the East Wing on the Graduate College Extension. Captioned, "East Wing, Graduate College Extension, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.
Photograph of the Graduate College
Photograph of the Gate Tower on Campbell Hall. Captioned, "Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson, Architects."
Photograph of students outside of Nassau Hall. Captioned, "This venerable structure, completed in 1756, now an administration building, is the shrine of the University. In it the Continental Congress met in 1783. During the Revolution it served…
Photograph of the Quadrangle. Captioned, "Eastward Across the Old Quadrangle."
Photograph of Cuyler Hall
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