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Page from a magazine; Front features a portrait of Jo Davidson, back features an advertisement for travel on the SS Normandie.


Panorama of the Democratic National committee outside in suits and hats with Govenor Wilson

Color illustration of a river with mountains in the background; trees to the right and Marsh to the left

Page nine and ten of the Feb. 5, 1924 edition of the Jackson Citizen Patriot

SIDE 1- Advertisement for concerts put on by Columbia records. Words framed by painted frame with a man with a white beard playing a violin at the top of the advertisement.; SIDE 2- Kelloggs toasted corn flakes Advertisement with young girl with…
Color Portrait of Woodrow Wilson on oval piece of wood

B&W Picture of Military African American Unit

Panorama of a crowded stadium like building featuring Woodrow Wilson riding in a car

Panorama of the Co. D. 12th M.G.BW 4th Division in Bodendorf, Germany

Panorama of the 1st Brigade at Mt.Gretna , PA

Panorama picture of soldiers at Camp Joseph in East Johnston, Florida

B&W Picture of Woodrow Wilson giving his War Message to Congress

Panorama in front of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. at the Inaguration of President Wilson feauring the Anapolis and West Point Cadets
Portrait of Woodrow Wilson
Picture of Woodrow Wilson and his War Cabinet at a conference table in 1913.
Picture of 19,000 Officers and Men at Camp Lee, VA in the shape of Uncle Sam
Picture of 30,000 Officers and Men at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Mich. In the shape of a US shield.
Picture of 21,000 Officers and Men at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, Ohio in the shape Wilsons head profile
Picture of the Wilson Family, outside their home, when Woodrow Wilson was the Govenor of N.J.
Picture of Woodrow Wilson standing in the center, next to Edith, surrounded by wounded men and nurses from WWI on board the S.S. George Washington
Picture of Woodrow Wilson and Mrs. Wilson riding in an open carriage with a fur blanket on their lap
Portrait of upper torso and head of Woodrow Wilson
Portrait of Dr. Cary Travers Grayson in uniform
Picture of Woodrow Wilson holding an unidentified baby in a christening gown
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