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President Wilson asks the Secretary of War about the politics of the State Councils of Defense.
President Wilson's responses to a draft of the proposed armistice.
President Wilson writes to the Secretary of War that they will have to take the Italian ambassador to Paris.
General Pershing reports on the strength of the allies.
Baker tells President Wilson that Josephus Daniels warns that the trip to France should stick to its original destination port of Brest.
Letter from the action in Siberia reporting what the Americans are experiencing.
Secretary of War does not want US to be involved in bombing from the air.
Announcement of Austria's acceptance of terms.
President Wilson replies to request from American Red Cross.
Request that American Red Cross active in France become part of the military.
General Bliss reports on the situation at the front.
Secretary of War does not want anything done to bring Red Cross workers into the military while he is gone.
General Bliss passes on request for American view of Russian officers serving with troops sent to Siberia.
President's response to notification of conditions in Siberia.
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