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Walter H. Page writes Woodrow Wilson accepting post of Amabassador to Great Britain.
Woodrow Wilson writes to James Bryce asking him to come to the White House to discuss Panama Canal Toll.
Charles W. Eliot writes to Woodrow Wilson declining the office of Ambassador to Great Britain.
Richard Olney writes to Woodrow Wilson declining position of ambassador to Great Britain.
McCormick writes to President Wilson about changing the memorandum on coordinating activities with Great Britain, France, and Italy.
Request for instructions about control of prices with Britain
US embassy in London reports on efforts at rebuilding.
Baruch sends along information from London. "Control of the world's market is now a matter of finance and shipping."
President Wilson thanks the Secretary of War for his dispatch and complains about Sir Henry Wilson.
British willing to publish the Sisson Papers though some think they are fake.
Secretary of State asks for President Wilson's views on the Sisson Papers.
Head of the shipping board assures President Wilson should not be worried that the US is preparing for economic advantage at sea.

Editor's view on the importance of the economic situation in Britain.
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