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Report from Siberia on the Bolsheviks taking over Vladivostok.
Sims writes to President Wilson about the situation of the Navy in Europe.
Secret message relaying information about the German troops turning to the East.
Letter from General Bliss describing events of the war.
Chairman of the Committee of Public Information passes along a cable sent to Italy by a correspondent.
Passing along a message Cotton wrote for Hoover that it is important to consider trade in the armistice.
Military point of view on armistice with Germany.
Whipple warns President Wilson about Britain's aims.
Pratt writes that change to the cable changes the whole meaning.
Admiral Benson writes that the measures suggested by the Inter-Allied Naval Council should be followed to meet President Wilson's conditions.
Acting Secretary of the Navy argues that Germany should not have different terms from Austria.
Government of the people now in control of Germany, as President Wilson knows.
Government of the people now in charge of Germany's peace negotiations.
Secretary of State sends President Wilson the response from Germany.
General Bliss's views on what should be done with Germany.
Senator Hollis writes to President Wilson about what he has experienced in France.
Democratic party figure warns President Wilson that everyone thinks the Germans are trying to trick him.
British information about Germany.
Passes on secret message on border fighting.

Written by WW on his own typewriter.

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President Wilson agrees that he should let the Germans wait.
Senate Williams advises President Wilson to let the German sit and stew.
Asks President Wilson to address the American people to continue to support the Liberty Loan despite the news from Europe.
Czechoslovakian returns to give a detailed report on the situation of the troops in Russia.
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