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Italians are seeking to maintain control of Fiume.
Secretary of War passes along interesting military reports.
Coded cablegram on the main points of the armistice.
Report from the Supreme War Council on conditions on the frontlines.
Letter from General Bliss describing events of the war.
Baker passes along a letter from General Bliss to President Wilson.
Secretary of War does not want US to be involved in bombing from the air.
Announcement of Austria's acceptance of terms.
General Bliss reports on the situation at the front.
General Bliss passes on request for American view of Russian officers serving with troops sent to Siberia.
Photo of the Allied War Council at the home of General Tasker H. Bliss. L to R, front row: Brig. Gen. P.D. Lochridge, Gen. Tasker H. Bliss; second row: Col. S.D. Embick, Lt. Col. W.S. Browning, Col. B.H. Wells, Col. US Grant III; third row: Maj. C.M.…
Photo of the American Commission to negotiate peace (featuring Col. E.M. House, Robert Lansing, President Wilson, General Tasker H. Bliss) at Hotel Crillon, Paris
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