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Cecil Spring Rice thanks Woodrow Wilson for his letter of thanks and wishes him and Mrs. Wilson a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Woodrow Wilson is writing the British Ambassador, Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, thanking him for sending the City Council address from the city of Carlisle, England.

Question about whether a story about President Wilson visiting England should be released.
Journalist's dispatch on President Wilson to a British newspaper.
Journalist's dispatch on President Wilson to a British newspaper.
Journalist asks for help in bringing people in England around to support of President Wilson.
Short note, probably to the Secretary of State, from President Wilson about his concerns that the French and British governments will steal his thunder.
President Wilson lets Daniels know that he has already asked a Republican to accompany him on the trip to Paris.
Whipple warns President Wilson about Britain's aims.
Private note from President Wilson to not upset the English with talk of new US shipping power.

Frank Cobb warns Colonel House about British efforts to retard the peace process.
Photo of (left to right) King George, President Wilson, Queen Mary, and Mrs. Wilson at Charing Cross Station
Copy of original picture taken of Woodrow Wilson riding with King George V on a visit to England
Edward Axson tells Jessie Wilson Sayre about Oxford, England.


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