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Urging President to stay the execution of African Americans in Arkansas race riots.

The matter he wrote about is under investigation by Department of Justice.

Woman writing to say that men are being taken away and lynched.

Writing in regards to making a report on the race riots in Arkansas.

Replying that the federal government has no jurisdiction over the killing of African Americans by a mob in Winston-Salem, NC.

Call for lynching to be made a federal crime.

Explaining that a Supreme Court case prevents the Department of Justice from taking any action in the matter of lynching and mob violence.

Writing to the Attorney General of the U.S. asking that he help stop lynching in the U.S.

Acknowledging the receipt of Winston's letter regarding lynchings of African-Americans, the Assistant Attorney General advises him that the federal government does not have jurisdiction over these crimes.
US Attorney responds to letter from Upton Sinclair about the trial against the editors of "The Masses."
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