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Pass on to Colonel House the message that President Wilson will not be able to go to England before going to France.
President Wilson asks the Secretary of State to pass on the message to Colonel House that the French should stop their censorship of the press now.
Coded message threatening British with build up of an American navy.
Secretary of War's reply to Colonel House sent along to President Wilson's secretary.
Secretary of War complains about miscommunication from General Pershing.
Clarification of communication chain.
War Council agrees to terms of Austrian surrender and tells to House to tell President Wilson.
Encoded secret message from President Wilson on analysis of Fourteen Points.
Edith writes a note on the peace conference to her husband.
President Wilson gives Colonel House his points for an armistice with Germany.
President Wilson tells House that the armistice with Germany should limiting but not be too harsh.
Edward M. House passes on memo prepared by the foreign newspaper correspondents.
Lord Robert Cecil gives his opinion on the League of Nations.
Edward M. House passes on British views on the League of Nations.

Frank Cobb warns Colonel House about British efforts to retard the peace process.
Photo of the American Commission to negotiate peace (featuring Col. E.M. House, Robert Lansing, President Wilson, General Tasker H. Bliss) at Hotel Crillon, Paris
Photo of a news clipping of plenipotentiaries working on terms of armistice, N.Y. Times Mid-week Pictorial
Photo of two vehicles exiting the Navy Yard Gate with William Jennings Bryan and Edward Mandell House pictured.
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