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G. Campbell Morgan thanks Woodrow Wilson for his letter and his interest in the Bible conferences that Morgan was involved in.
Encouraging telegram on the good effects of President Wilson's support.
"Getting the Most Out of Life."
Pamphlet about Frederick Douglass Center’s social justice work.
Asking President Wilson to act against segregation in the government departments.
Sending resolutions made by the Methodist Episcopal Preachers' Meeting regretting Woodrow Wilson's backing of separation of the races in government employment.
Resolution adopted by the Methodist Ministers Alliance of Kansas City, Missouri, against segregation and discrimination.
The Equity Congress of Greater New York expresses their protest of Wilson's support of segregation in the federal government.
Letter from the district secretary of the American Missionary Association saying that the issue of segregation cannot be sidestepped any more than the issue of slavery could have been in the nineteenth century.
AME Zion church pastor apologizes for Trotter, who shouldn't have approached the President at a time when the President was busy with international affairs.
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