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SPRAGUE PAPERS Finding Aid.pdf
The Sprague Papers consists of forms, legal memoranda, correspondence, and publications collected by Rufus W. Sprague Jr., who was chief of the Enemy Alien Bureau for the Port of New York during World War I. Most of the documents in the collection…

WWPL Pamphlet Collection Finding Aid.pdf
Pamphlets, newspaper articles, journals, and magazines on Woodrow Wilson and the Birthplace Foundation.

Grayson Family Photographs.pdf
Family portraits, travel photographs, and some postcards.

Sheet Music.pdf
Printed sheet music, most of it from the years of the Wilson administration.

Claude Thomas Woodrow.pdf
Collection of newspaper clippings assembled by Woodrow Wilson's cousin, Claude Thomas Woodrow, in Columbus, Ohio.

Edward N Jackson FA.pdf
Photographs taken by Edward N. Jackson ranging from President Woodrow Wilson’s second inauguration, Wilson’s time in Europe, and his attendance at the Paris Peace Conference.

William D Hoyt Jr FA.pdf
Letters and rare family photos from Dr. William D. Hoyt, Jr., cousin of Woodrow Wilson’s first wife Ellen Axson Wilson. Also included is Hoyt's unpublished biography of Jessie Wilson.

Edward D. Shoor FA.pdf
Photographs and documents from Shoor’s military service in World War I documenting his job as a driver for Wilson’s presidential party during battlefield tours and trip to Belgium.

Scrapbook Collection.pdf
Variety of large scrapbooks in the archives, some of them having to do with the history of Birthplace.

WWPL Newspapers.pdf
List of newspapers in 22 oversize boxes.

McClure Collection Description Sheet.pdf
Archival finding aid for the Wallace McClure Collection which includes pamphlets, speeches, and periodicals having to do with President Wilson's time in office.

Registers and minutes for the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, the debating society at the University of Virginia of which Woodrow Wilson was a member. Collection consists of scans taken from the society's Roll Book, 1856-1886 and Minute…

WW Press Statements FA.pdf
Item level description of government collection of press statements.

WWI Soldiers.pdf
Mixed materials about various enlisted soldiers from World War I. Includes service records, letters, postcards sent and received, special assignments and orders, rank changes, journal entries, receipts, and guidebooks.

UCSB McAdoo Finding Aid.pdf
Personal papers and photos of Eleanor Wilson McAdoo, Woodrow Wilson’s youngest daughter.

First Year Wilson Papers Collection.pdf
Photocopies of Wilson's correspondence during his first year of administration from the Library of Congress microfilm.

Gilder-Lehrman Institute Collection Finding Aid.pdf
Collection includes scans of Wilson related correspondence in the
Gilder-Lehrman Institute collection. A variety of important topics is covered, ranging from the decision to enter World War I to the Paris Peace Conference.

Nightingale Finding Aid.pdf
The Nightingale Collection consists of military service documents, both official and personal, diary pages, 7 issues of “The Hatchet,” personal/business correspondence, and dogtags and a WWI Croix de Guerre medal. The collection originated in…

Finding Aid for William Grayson Collection[MBC].pdf
Papers from 1930s and 1940s from William, son of Cary T., including material from his service in WWII.

Clifford Berryman FA.pdf
Scans of Wilson-era cartoons drawn by Clifford Berryman of the Washington Evening Star. The cartoons cover the political and cultural significance of the 28th president and give insights into the popular mind during Wilson's administration.

Ochs Collection.pdf
Finding aid for a collection of letters from a soldier serving as a journalist with Stars & Stripes in France during WWI.

Koger Collection.pdf
Brief finding aid for a small personal collection of a WWI soldier.

Daisie Dodson FA.pdf
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings.

Scoville Clark FA.pdf
Letters and invitations involved in the Sayre wedding.

Jon Anthony Bouman FA.pdf
Original letters, occasionally with postcards, newspaper clippings, or concert programs attached.

St Mary's Collection Finding Aid.pdf
Photocopies of letters from Eleanor Wilson McAdoo to Jessie Wilson Sayre and Ellen Axson Wilson, as well as later documents and other correspondence.

Otto Kappelmann Finding Aid.pdf
Enlisted in the U.S. Army from 1916 to 1919, Otto Kappelmann's letters – written primarily to his sister, Anna-Marie Bubendey – describe military camp life on the Texas border and in South Carolina. Kappelmann writes about African-American recruits,…

Cary T. Grayson Diaries Updated Finding Aid (3-22-16).pdf
Guide to the large collection of Cary T. Grayson material in the archives.

Edith Gittings Reid Collection finding aid.pdf
Photocopies of 39 personal letters from Woodrow Wilson to Edith Gittings Reid, a personal friend.

Goucher College Collection Finding Aid.pdf
Scans of 3 Wilson letters and a photograph of Jessie Wilson courtesy of Goucher College Archives.

Wilson Family Letters Finding Aid.pdf
Collector's donation of letters between members of the Wilson Family.

Benjamin Strong Papers finding aid.pdf
Letters between Treasury Secretary Strong and Wilson on origins of the Federal Reserve, funding WWI.

Poe Wilson Collection Finding Aid.pdf
Documents, manuscripts, scrapbook pages, photos, picture postcards relating to the role of civilians, particularly women, in WWI.

GL Harrison Finding aid.pdf
A collection on economics, finance, insurance, and the creation of the atomic bomb

Small collection of phonograph records in the archive.


Peyton Cochran Collection.pdf
Mostly documents, including correspondence, official military communications and reports, military identification and personal papers, maps, pamphlets; also photographs and postcards.

Saunders, Francis Wright.pdf
The collection consists of research material collected by Ms. Saunders for her book, First Lady Between Two Worlds: Ellen Axson Wilson. The collection contains letters between relatives of the Woodrow Wilson family and Mrs. Saunders; letters…

Hull, Rose Frances, Papers.pdf
The Hull collection is composed principally of handwritten correspondence from Mrs. Hull to Mrs. H. McKelden Smith (Emily) between 1935 and 1953 in connection with the organization and operation of the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace Foundation of which…

Wilson Letters_WWPL.pdf
Mostly documents, including letters and invitations from Woodrow Wilson or regarding various Wilson events.

Yount Collection.pdf
Mostly documents including letters and postcards.

Hoyt Collection Finding Aid.pdf
Mostly documents, including letters, newspapers, and certificates. Also a small scrapbook containing photographs.

Judge Groner Papers Finding Aid.pdf
Mostly documents, including letters, photocopies, and typed documents.

Edith Bolling Wilson Birthplace Finding Aid.pdf
Mostly documents including letters, newspaper clippings, and postcards.

William Gibbs McAdoo Collection.pdf
Letters from William Gibbs McAdoo to his wife Eleanor Wilson McAdoo.

John P  Ambuehl Collection.pdf
Mostly documents, including letters, brochures, certificates, and photographs. There is also a printed book of transcribed letters.

Emily Smith Collection.pdf
Mostly documents, including letters, newspaper clippings, postcards, and brochures. There is also a printed copy of the Manual of the Senate and House of Delegates Virginia from 1956.

Catlett Finding aid.pdf
The Charles Catlett Papers cover Mr. Catlett’s association with the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace from 1912 to 1938. There are 114 pieces arranged chronologically within two groups. The collection is housed in eight folders in a document box in the…

Earl S. Parish Collection.pdf
Mostly documents consisting of correspondence between Earl S. Parish and Ruth L. Hubble, Mrs. Wells Parish, and Mr. Wells Parish. Also one photograph of Earl S. Parish and one photograph of Ruth Hubble. There is also a French train ticket.

James Kisling Collection.pdf
Eight leather-bound journals chronicling daily life, correspondence, and finances. Also includes two photographs and one pair of eye glasses.

Virginia Normal School Collection.pdf
Carbon copies of typed documents.

Buerger Collection.pdf
Documents stored in a commemorative scrapbook, including letters, postcards, photographs, and other miscellaneous paper items.

Anna L  Nevins Collection.pdf
Photographs and documents of various kinds, including a journal.
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