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President Wilson marching at the head of the Victory Parade in Washington, D.C.

Uniformed Koger stands on a road with a French village in the distance behind him.

Additional material that was interleaved in the Koger scrapbook. Many of these are newspaper clippings from New York City newspapers.

A special military map created by the War Department of the vicinity of Camp Dix, in New Jersey

Thomas J. Koger's membership card for the National Association of Rainbow Division Veterans.

A trip pass for Nannie Koger, a relative of Thomas J. Koger, allowing her to visit him at the Troop Movement Office, Room 355, Pier 2, in Hoboken, NJ.

Hat worn by those in the 42nd Infantry Division, also known as the Rainbow Division. One side has a small rainbow with a blue 42 under it, other has "Rainbow Division" printed in blue.

Newspaper published letter of soldier injured in France.
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