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Eisenhower was going to visit his mother's birthplace in Virginia at the time.

Eight images from a printed collection of pictures marking Wilson's visit to Staunton.
Invites citizens to welcome Woodrow Wilson on December 28th, 1912 to is birthplace
Wilson's December 28, 1912, Staunton visit makes the front page of the Rockingham Daily Record in Harrisonburg, VA.
President-elect Woodrow Wilson waves to a homecoming crowd in front of his birthplace in Staunton Virginia (the first Presbyterian House) on his 56th birthday, December 28, 1912.
Going to the meeting of the General Assembly in the Manse Garden
Mrs. Cochran, Curator, talking to Governor Charles Robb
Notice that the Manse is still red brick in this photo
U.S. Cavalry in Parade
Arrives at C and O Station
On the corner of Coalter and Beverley
Owned by Betty Bowman Duval ; is a two story colonial revival
Photo of parade in Staunton.
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