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21st Division French Infantry on the March

USS Mt. Vernon Troops Sitting in a Mess Hall

Soldiers resting on cots

Photo taken in Kansas City, MO

Soldiers piled into a car celebrating leaving Camp Dix to go fight in World War I
A soldier's outfit and its costs explained in a handbook.
Item has separated into a right and left piece with both having some size irregularities
Transcribed from back: "Sam Lane; 1st row, 2nd from left"
Soldiers in France during World War I

Letter written by Edward Cahill, describing his experiences and wounding in France during the war.
In response to the toxic race relations in Newport News, the Chairman for the Commission on Training Camp Activities enlists the help of Dr. Scott.
President Wilson expresses concerns over the situation with African American troops in Newport News.
Inflammatory report on what the author thinks the African American troops in Newport News really think.
Chairman for the Commission on Training Camp Activities alerts President Wilson to the frustration of African American troops in Newport News.
Alfred Wilson writes to his cousin about his arrival in France.
Czechoslovakian returns to give a detailed report on the situation of the troops in Russia.

B&W Picture of Military African American Unit
Picture of 19,000 Officers and Men at Camp Lee, VA in the shape of Uncle Sam
Picture of 30,000 Officers and Men at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Mich. In the shape of a US shield.
Picture of 21,000 Officers and Men at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, Ohio in the shape Wilsons head profile.
Picture of Woodrow Wilson standing in the center, next to Edith, surrounded by wounded men and nurses from WWI on board the S.S. George Washington

Seated portrait.

Full-length picture of three men in front of a wooden building. Koger is on the left. Captain Carlton & First Lieut. Hooks.

Newspaper published letter of soldier injured in France.
Troops standing at attention, probably in Rome, Italy.
[In French] German prisoners.
[In French] 1st French tank.

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[In French] 12 long.

[In French] The bottom of a [...]
[In French] Chateau Thierry, cannon firing at night
[In French] Guynemen.

[In French] Tanks on the move.

[In French] German general headquarters taken by the English.
[In French] Champagne, France, Mortars in action.
Possibly in Paris.

Aug 1/18 sgt Kenneth M Colgate.

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Earl dressed as a soldier, standing on a French country road.
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