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The cover for the prospectus of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.
Map of Princeton University
Located in Princeton, New Jersey
Wilson's office in Princeton Hall; '79 Hall
Wilson's office at Princeton University; '79 Hall
General image of Princeton University's campus
Wilson is shown with his hat in his hand
Witherspoon University was where Wilson roomed at Princeton.
President Wilson writes to the president of Princeton that he does not want any fanfare for his voting on Election Day.
An old academic friend writes to President Wilson with news of friends and family.
Photo of interior, Prospect House
Landscape of grounds at Prospect House
Landscape of grounds at Prospect House
Photo of library in Prospect House
Photo of exterior of Prospect House with view of the gardens
Photo of interior of Prospect House, the Wilson residence at Princeton
Photo of a young woman standing outside of Prospect House, the Wilson's Princeton residence.
Woodrow and Ellen Axson Wilson leaving Princeton for Washington, 1913 March 3.
Woodrow Wilson leaving Princeton for Washington.
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